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Nigel Hargreaves - Dentistry Courses
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Academy Courses

The Academy of Clinical Excellence, Wakefield

It is the Academy’s belief that post graduate teaching in the UK needs to be dragged up to date to ensure we are not left behind. As a profession we need to be able to confidently offer the most up to date treatments to even the most demanding patients


It is a course that the content of each day can be applied to everyday practice immediately after each course day, with improved skills and results. The aim of the course is not only to improve skills with immediate effect, but to improve CONFIDENCE, both for delegates and then for their patients.

Let your hands do the learning

All of our courses are as practical as possible, whilst also providing the academic foundations for you to base your practical skills upon. It is unrealistic for our delegates to be given little knowledge then expect them to learn how to correctly practice high end dentistry.

Purely Practical

When choosing to embark upon a post-graduate training course it is important that you find the right one to invest your time and money into. We have all, at some time, sat through lectures that have cost us hundreds of pounds but have proved to be inconsequential. After the first couple of hours the mind invariably drifts to the realm of daydream, as the eyes become tired of staring at a power-point presentation and the ears become tired of being talked at. We are dentist’s, we choose a practical profession which involves using our hands! The Academy recognises this and believes that you will gain the most knowledge and experience when you let your hands do the learning.


Another attribute of the Academy is the continuity it offers. Delegates undoubtedly benefit from the continued relationship with Dr Hargreaves as he is available every session to discuss ongoing treatment plans and experiences of trying the new techniques you have learnt in practice.

As an overview of the Course it is designed to be:

Largely practical

Based on the Tell-Show-Do approach to learning

Evidence based

As little time spent lecturing/presenting as possible and as much time as possible in the practical phantom head room getting as much practical time as possible on the phantom heads

All presentations given on CD/memory stick to all delegates for each course day

Practical manuals given to each delegate for each day for use in practice afterwards

Full product and materials back up with product re-order catalogues for all materials and burrs used

Initial burr kits supplied at the start of the course for all practical work, which are referenced throughout the course

Phantom head jaws included in course fee to take away at the end of the course to use as patient demonstration models


Friday Night Drinks!

Come and join us for drinks in Wakefield after the course on Friday!

Academy Course Dates 2019

Fri 18th Oct 2019 - Occlusion 1

Principles of Occlusion, Jaw manipulations and occlusal record taking. Facebows and Articulators, including practicals on each other.

Sat 19th Oct 2019 - Occlusion 2

Mounting casts, TMJ anatomy, pathology and tooth wear. Use of occlusal splints. Assesing Vertical Dimension and Re-organising Occlusion.

Fri 8th Nov 2019 - Direct Bonded Restorations

Assessment of colour and colour science. Direct bonding systems – an update. Anterior direct aesthetic composite techniques.

Sat 9th Nov 2019 - Direct Bonded Restorations

Posterior direct composites and bonded amalgams. How to carve and finish posterior restorations to give stunning occlusal anatomy.

Fri 6th Dec 2019 - Crown Preps / Impressions

Principles of crown preps. Anterior preps for different crowns. Impression taking for crown and bridgework.

Sat 7th Dec 2019 - Crown Preps / Labs

Posterior crown preps and indirect adhesive restoration preps. Crown cementation and cements available. Lab materials and communication

Fri 10th Jan 2020 - Smile Design / Veneers

Principles of smile design. Preps for different situations to acieve predicatble aesthetic results. Diagnostic work, planning & provisionalisation.

Sat 11th Jan 2020 - Smile Design / Veneers

Practical including preparations, impressions, provisionals and cementation. Photography – How to record the work that you are carrying out..

Fri 21st Feb 2020 - Bridges

Principles of bridge design. Practical to prepare bridges for different situations for different materials.

Sat 22nd Feb 2020 - Dental Implants

On overview of Dental Implants. How to restore simple cases. Treatment options, costs and maintenance of implants in general practice.

Fri 6th March 2020 - Dentures

How to improve full denture predictability. Clinical and Lab techniques. Partial denture options that are available.

Sat 7th March 2020 (am)- Posts/Restoration RF teeth

Restoration of endodontically treated teeth. Different techniques for anterior and posterior situations.

Sat 7th March 2020 (pm) - Top 10 tips for everyday practice

What it says on the can! Top 10 tips and hints to make life easier, more efficient and give better results. Course summary.

Fee & Deposit

Fees are £3,300 plus VAT for the whole course (£3960 incl VAT), payable £360 deposit when booking is made, then 6 payments of £600, one payment per month throughout the course. Delegates sign up to the whole 12 days

The Venue

The Academy of Clinical Excellence. 13-14 Navigation Court, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 7BJ

0845 201 1515


To Make a Booking

Kim Dixon at The Old Church Dental Practice on 07494 363 156 or 01422 368 059, or email kim@theoldchurchdental.co.uk
Gag Sopal at The Academy of Clinical Excellence on 0845 201 1515, or email gag_sopal@hotmail.com
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